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Sales & Marketing
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Bring Installation and Warranty Issues to Disposition Efficiently and Effectively with this template.


You can use this process if you have challenges like:

  • Non-conformance remediation & categorization
  • Resource-consuming analysis
  • Lack of oversight and poor data quality
  • Incomplete insights and analysis
  • Poorly-defined / fragmented processes

Created By: Julio Staude
Installation & Warranty

The sales pipeline is a summary of available and upcoming sales opportunities managers can use to better determine the revenue they will generate, the bottlenecks in their sales funnel, and projected cash flow.

Companies that leverage a sales pipeline can develop a data-driven understanding of their current and future sales performance. Knowing this, they can make smarter decisions about hiring new staff, training existing sales reps, increasing or cutting their advertising budget, and more.

Use this template to keep track of your sales opportunities.

Created By: Julio Staude
Sales Pipeline

Campaign management means identifying the strategies you will use to support your business goals, then designing, planning, testing and monitoring the campaign, and analyzing the results along the way.


How well you create, execute, and assess your marketing campaigns is what will make your business stand out for the competition. Even the most creative campaign won’t succeed if it is not implemented and evaluated thoroughly and effectively.

Use this template to track the process of ads creation, execution and analysis.

Created By: Julio Staude
Campaign management

A competitor analysis, also referred to as a competitive analysis, is the process of identifying competitors in your industry and researching different marketing strategies. It's a foundational step in required to understand your industry and your space.


  • Competitor identification
  • Key Measurable Metrics
  • Strengths and Weakness evaluation
  • Self evaluation
  • Competitive Analysis

Use this template to track all the necessary work around creating a great Competitor Analysis on an internal team or as a service.

Created By: Julio Staude
Marketing Analysis